GDP in Yambol district continues to grow at a fast pace. The rate of increase in incomes and pensions also remains stable. The share of the working-age population in the district is one of the lowest in the country. Investment activity remains slack. Yambol is characterized by a high density of the road network, but the railway network is among the least developed in the country. The average levels of local taxes are close to the national averages. The self-assessments of the local administrations on the development of e-government have gone up and now exceed the national average.

Both natural population growth and the net migration rates are unfavorable. The district’s students are not among the good performers but their results indicate an improvement compared to the rest of the districts and last year’s results. Healthcare in the district suffers from a shortage of specialist physicians and high infant mortality. The workloads of the local criminal judges are considerably below the national average, but delivery of justice is relatively slow. The volume of household waste is low. Tourism in Yambol district has an exceptionally weak presence.

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