Incomes and salaries in Yambol district have continued to grow. The poverty level in the district has decreased dramatically. Employment remains low and unemployment is above the average countrywide. Investment activity is shrinking. Yambol is characterized by a highly dense road network, but the railway network is among the least developed in the country. The average levels of local taxes are close to the national averages. The self-assessments of the local administrations in Yambol district for the development of e-government and the provision of one-stop-shop services have gone up but remain below the national average.

Both natural population growth and the net migration rate are falling. The performance of the students in the district is poor. Although the number of GPs in the district relative to the population is close to the national average, the numbers of specialist physicians and of beds in the local general hospitals are low. The infant mortality rate is decreasing. Delivery of justice is relatively slow. Crime detection is relatively high. Degraded land is limited. Cultural life in Yambol district is of relatively low intensity.

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