GDP per capita in Kyustendil district has registered the third highest annual growth rate in the country, yet its value is still relatively small. Both salaries and incomes have been growing as well, though at rates below the national average ones, and their amounts have remained considerably below average. The educational profile of the workforce is dominated by a significant share of people with secondary education. Kyustendil district is characterized by weak investment activity. Road quality is traditionally higher than in the country on average. Households still have limited internet access. The average rate for each of the monitored local taxes in the municipalities of Kyustendil district is lower than the national average. The local administration’s transparency ratings remain relatively low.

The population ageing tendencies in Bulgaria as a whole are particularly evident in Kyustendil district, whose demographic indicators are among the most unfavorable in the whole country. Students’ results remain relatively low. The provision of the district healthcare system with doctors is relatively good. The number of beds in the local general hospitals is close to the national average. Kyustendil is doing relatively poorly in terms of public order and security. The district is a leader in environmental indicators, mostly due to the quantities of waste generated by the households and their management. Cultural life in Kyustendil district is characterized by its low intensity.

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