GDP per capita in Kyustendil district has been growing but remains below the national average. Economic activity and employment rates have registered a considerable increase. Investment activity in the district is among the lowest in the country. The density of the road and railway networks in Kyustendil remains higher than the national average. The average rate of local taxes in the district’s municipalities is relatively low. Kyustendil is the district with the worst performance in the indicators assessing the transparency of the local administrations.

Kyustendil is among the districts with the highest rate of population aging. The alignment between vocational education and the profile of the local economy remains low, and students’ results are unsatisfactory. Healthcare in Kyustendil district has the highest number of GPs, and the lowest infant mortality rate. The workloads of the local criminal judges are the highest in the country. The amounts of generated household waste are low. At the same time, however, only a small portion of this waste is handed over for treatment and recycling. Cultural life and tourism in the district remain characterized by their low intensity.

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