Though wealth has generally been on the increase in the district of Lovech in recent years, it has been a relatively slow process and GDP per capita has remained considerably below national average rates. The labor market was facing difficulties once again in 2016, alongside a deteriorating educational structure of the population. FTA investment and utilized EU funds grew to reach levels similar to national average ones but the amount of attracted foreign investment was relatively low. The tax burden was exceptionally high for a district with such a profile of economic development but the work of local administrations received extremely high evaluation compared with the other districts.

Lovech was among the districts with the least favorable age structure of the population. School enrolment rates were relatively high though the shares of dropouts from primary and secondary education were also large. The district was characterized by a shortage of specialist doctors. It has kept its past levels of low court workloads. Both the share of people with access to sewerage systems and connectivity to wastewater treatment plants have been considerably below national average figures. Cultural life is not very intensive.

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