GDP per capita, pensions and salaries in Lovech district have been rising but still remain relatively low. Poverty is on the rise. Although the rate of unemployment continues to be below the national average, it has reached record levels for the district. There has been an increase in domestic and a contraction in foreign investment. Road surface quality is improving and is above the country’s average. The average level of local taxes in the district’s municipalities is relatively low. The share of own revenue in the total revenue of the district’s municipalities is decreasing and remains relatively low.

Due to the strongly negative natural population growth rate, Lovech is among the districts with a high rate of population aging. Students’ results are relatively low and vocational education does not meet the demands of the economy. The number of GPs remains higher than the national average. The availability of beds in the local general hospitals again remains relatively low. Delivery of justice is relatively fast. The amount of generated household waste is not considerable, but the share of waste handed over for treatment and recycling remains extremely small. Cultural life and tourism in Lovech district are not very active.

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