Silistra is the district with the lowest GDP per capita in Bulgaria and despite this, it has been growing relatively slowly. At the same time, the share of population living with material deprivation remains relatively low. The development of the local labor market remains unsatisfactory. The employment rate is the second lowest in the country. Silistra is among the districts with the weakest investment activity. FDI per capita remains the lowest in the country. Household access to the Internet is increasing and is relatively high. Typically for the economically less developed districts, the average level of local taxes in Silistra district is low. The average rating for the transparency of the local government also remains lower.

The natural population growth in Silistra district continues to deteriorate. In 2021, the average grade in the State matriculation exam in Bulgarian language and literature in the district was the lowest in the country. Healthcare in Silistra district suffers from a shortage of both doctors and hospital beds. The workloads of criminal judges have increased in recent years and are higher than the national average, but delivery of justice is relatively fast. Silistra is among the districts with the worst performance as regards the environment indicators. One of the main reasons for this is the extremely low share of waste submitted for treatment and recycling. The pandemic and the countrywide restrictions on cultural events in 2020 affected cultural life in the district.

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