Silistra is once again the district with the lowest GDP per capita, despite its relatively high growth rate. The local labor market is still facing the challenge of a disadvantageous educational structure of the workforce and population aging. Silistra is among the regions with very low investment activity. The quality of the road surface is relatively high. All monitored local taxes are lower than the respective national averages. The local authorities’ self-assessment on the development of e-government has registered a considerable increase and is relatively high. The average rating for the transparency of the local government is lagging behind.

Silistra is among the districts with the worst demographic profile. Students’ results are relatively low. Healthcare in Silistra district suffers from a shortage of both doctors and hospital beds. The workloads of the criminal judges in Silistra district are close to the national average, but the speed of delivery of justice is considerably higher. Silistra is among the districts with the worst performance as regards the environment indicators. Cultural life in the district is intensifying. The number of library visits is above the national average. Tourism in the district is poorly developed.

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