Sofia (capital)

Sofia (capital) has the highest GDP per capita, with a value of more than double the national average and double that of the district ranking second in this indicator – Sofia district. Its labor market is well developed. Sofia is also the undisputed leader in investment activity. The share of households with access to high-speed internet continues to increase. The capital is the district with the highest local taxes in the country. It is the district with the highest share of own revenues in the total revenues, as well as with the highest coverage of municipal expenditures with local revenues.

Sofia is the district with the most favorable demographic conditions. The capital is once again the leader in the education indicators, with a high rate of enrolment in 5th–7th grade, a low share of repeaters, good student performance and a high number of university students. The number of specialist physicians is among the highest in the country. Delivery of justice is relatively slow, and the crime detection rate – low. The district’s high level of urbanization accounts for the large share of population with access to public sewerage networks. Sofia remains the district with the most intensive cultural life.

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