Sofia (capital)

Sofia (capital city) is the district with the highest GDP per capita, as well as the highest salaries and incomes. This accounts for the low levels of poverty in the district. Its economic development is also interrelated with the favorable trends in the local labor market. Employment and unemployment rates have reached record levels for the capital. Sofia is a leader in investment activity. Sofia Central Railway Station is a major railway hub in the country. In 2020, the capital was once again the district with the highest local taxes in the country. The work of Sofia city’s local administration is assessed as the most transparent in the country. Sofia is also the district whose administration received the highest assessment ratings for the development of e-government and the provision of one-stop shop services.

Sofia is the district presenting the most favorable demographic picture in the country. The capital is a leader in the field of education, with a high enrolment rate, a low share of repeaters and dropouts, good student performance and a high number of university students. Its healthcare is characterized by easy access to specialist physicians, low infant mortality and a small relative number of patients admitted for treatment to the local general hospitals. The capital’s poor result and its last place in the country in public order and security is a consequence of the large workloads of the local judges and the relatively high number of crimes. Almost all waste in the area is handed over for treatment and recycling. Sofia is the district with the most intensive cultural life.

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