After hesitant growth in GDP per capita in the district of Haskovo, in 2015 it grew considerably to overtake the national average rate. Employment was on the rise and unemployment dropped. Haskovo was still one of the districts to attract least investment. A considerable rise in Internet access and usage was also registered in the district. In 2017 the average rates of local taxes and fees in the district’s municipalities remained close to national average rates.

Natural increase in the district has traditionally been lower than the national average; in 2016 there was a new wave of emigration from the district which was a setback on the population’s age structure. Student performance at matriculation exams has remained poor. Healthcare is characterized by relatively low capacity of medical facilities and doctor shortages. Administration of justice in the district is relatively speedy with above-average crime clearance rates. The intensity of cultural life in the district is relatively low.

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