GDP, salaries, and incomes in Gabrovo district have continued to grow. Their indicator values determine the relatively low level of poverty in the district. Employment and unemployment rates remain less favorable than the national average. Business and investment activity in the area is high. Infrastructural development is very good. Although Gabrovo is among the highly developed economic areas, the level of local taxes is relatively low. The transparency of the local government in Gabrovo district is decreasing, but remains relatively high.

Gabrovo is one of the districts with the most unfavorable demographic conditions. The results in the field of education are good. The indicators evaluating healthcare place the district among the top performers in the country. Gabrovo is among the districts with the highest share of health-insured persons. The district continues to be the leader as regards the share of cleared crimes. The relatively high share of the urban population explains the large share of the population living in settlements with public sewerage systems. Cultural life in Gabrovo district remains among the most intensive in the country.

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