GDP, salaries and incomes in Gabrovo district have continued to grow and the poverty level remains relatively low. The share of the working-age population has declined for yet another year. Business and investment activity in the area is high. Gabrovo has overtaken the capital and is now the district with the highest amount of utilized EU funds per person. Despite the high density of the road network, the share of highways and first-class roads is relatively small. In 2023, the level of local taxes was again relatively low. The coverage of municipal expenditures with local revenues is low.

Gabrovo is one of the districts with the most unfavorable demographic pictures. Results in the field of education are good. The indicators evaluating healthcare place the district among the top performers in the country. Gabrovo is among the districts with the highest share of health-insured persons. The district continues to be the leader as regards the share of cleared crimes. The considerable number of urban residents accounts for the large share of population living in settlements with a public sewerage network. Cultural life and tourism in Gabrovo district remain among the most active in the country.

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