Although in 2018 GDP per capita in Pleven district again recorded considerable growth, it has still remained relatively low. The labor market has not picked up appreciably. Investment activity in the district is relatively weak. Pleven is among the districts with the least FDI, but it performs well in terms of the utilization of European funds. Against the background of its relatively weak economic development, Pleven district maintains rates of local taxation that are close to the national averages but are also significantly higher than the average ones in north-western Bulgaria. The ratings for the transparency of the local administration are declining, but they still remain higher than the national average.

The process of population ageing is accelerating at a faster pace in Pleven district than in the rest of the country. The district does not perform well in terms of the indicators assessing education. Pleven is one of the few districts in the country where in recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of university students. In the area of healthcare, Pleven ranks first in the whole of Bulgaria. It is indeed the district with the highest relative number of doctors and beds in its general hospitals. The workloads of local criminal judges are relatively small, which has a positive effect on the speedy delivery of justice. The share of waste handed over for treatment and recycling is growing. Cultural life in Pleven district is characterized by relatively low activity.

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