Although in 2019 GDP per capita in Pleven district again recorded considerable growth, it still remained relatively low. The rise in economic activity in the district was accompanied by a decline in employment and a rise in unemployment. Investment and business activity rallied and grew significantly in 2019, but the indicator values still lagged considerably behind the national average. The share of highways and first-class roads is low and so is road quality. Local taxes remained close to the national average in 2021. The ratings for the transparency of the local governments lag behind the national ones.

The population of the district has been ageing rapidly. The performance of students remained poor in 2021. Pleven is a district with strong traditions in the field of healthcare and in 2020 it was the country’s leader in terms of the indicators in this category. The relative number of patients treated in the local general hospitals was high, which is probably due to the easy access to doctors and the availability of hospital beds. The workloads of the local criminal judges are relatively low, which has a positive effect on the speed of delivery of justice. The volumes of carbon dioxide emissions remain several times lower than the national average. The drop in attendance to cultural events caused by the pandemic and the restrictions imposed in 2020 have had an even greater impact on the district.

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