Both GDP per capita and salaries grew at a slower pace in the district of Pleven than they did in the country as a whole, and the district is lagging further behind. In 2016 the decline in employment and the rise in unemployment were in contrast to the positive general trends in the country. Investment activity in the district was relatively low.

Access to the Internet and its usage by the local population remained considerably lower than the respective national levels. The evaluations of the administration for the development of electronic government and the availability of one-stop shop services in Pleven’s municipalities were comparable with the national average levels.

The district of Pleven was among those districts with the lowest natural increase in 2016. The net migration rate dropped as well and reached its lowest level in the last ten years. Matriculation exam results in the district were relatively poor. Pleven is one of the districts with the best ratings for the state of healthcare. Judges’ workloads are relatively low and the administration of justice is relatively fast. Though interest in museums is traditionally high, cultural life in the district lacks intensity.

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