In 2022, GDP per capita in Pleven district continued its significant growth. Salaries and pensions have been rising relatively fast. Economic activity in the district is extremely slack. Investment is rising. The density of the road and rail network is higher than the national average. The rates of local taxes in the municipalities of Pleven district are close to the national averages. Pleven ranks among the districts with relatively high ratings in the indicators measuring the performance of the administration.

The process of population aging is worsening. The district does not perform well in the indicators assessing education. Pleven is a district with strong traditions in the field of healthcare and is among the leaders in this category. The workloads of the local criminal judges are relatively low, but this does not reflect on the speed of delivery of justice. Pleven is the district with the lowest share of forest area. The share of waste handed over for treatment and recycling continues to be relatively high. Cultural life and tourism are characterized by a relatively low intensity.

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