The growth of GDP per capita in the district of Varna was lower in 2016 than the national average though in size it was above average values. Salaries in the district have also been on the rise. The main indicators concerning the labor market deteriorated in 2016, nevertheless Varna has been performing better than most districts. Investment activity in the district was relatively good. In terms of infrastructural indicator values the district ranked first in the country. The average rates of the monitored local taxes and fees in the district’s municipalities gave Varna the second place after the capital for highest rates.

Though population ageing has been exasperating in the district, the process is slower and age dependency is considerably more favorable than elsewhere in the country. With the single exception of the capital district, Varna is the most highly urbanized district in the country, which entails both high connectivity with sewerage systems and relatively high air pollution.

Some of the leading universities are located there and it ranks among the top districts in number of university students. Traditionally Varna has performed well in justice administration and poorly in security.

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