In 2020, Varna remained among the top-ranking districts as regards GDP per capita. Salary and income rates have continued to grow. Trends in the labor market in 2021 placed the district second in the country. Investment and business activity again remain relatively high, although some negative trends are also in evidence. The infrastructure remains well developed. The average levels of the monitored local taxes remained relatively high in 2022. Both e-government development and the provision of one-stop-shop administrative services are at a high level.

Varna retains its place among the districts with a very good demographic development. Varna is among the districts with the best results in the field of education. The performance of students in 2022 was very good. Compared to the national average values​​, Varna district has more doctors but fewer hospital beds. Crime rates remain quite high, and detection rates relatively low. With its high share of urban population, a relatively large part of them lives in settlements with public sewerage. Cultural life in the district is relatively intensive.

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