GDP, salaries, and incomes in Pazardzhik district have continued to grow, but remain relatively low. The employment rate is falling and the unemployment rate is rising. Investment and business activity in the area are not particularly brisk. However, production value continues to rise. Pazardzhik is the district with the highest rating for infrastructural development. The average amount of local taxes is relatively low. The AIP active transpar­ency rating of the local administration has been decreasing and remains relatively low.

Age dependency ratios in the district continue to worsen but remain more favorable than the national average. Students’ results again remain relatively low. Access to GPs in the district is better than the country average but there is an obvious shortage of specialist physicians. The number of crimes remains relatively small, and their detection rate is close to the country average. Connectivity to wastewater treatment plants lags significantly behind. Cultural life in the Pazardzhik region is among the least intense in the country.

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