Salaries and incomes in Kardzhali district have been rising fast, though their levels are still below the respective national averages. Economic activity and employment rates have registered record growth, though their rates are still less favourable than the average ones in the country. Investment and business activity again remained relatively low in 2020. The density of the rail network is also relatively limited. The level of local taxes in the municipalities of Kardzhali region remains relatively low. The local authorities’ self-assessment of the development of e-government and of the provision of one-stop-shop services has gone up.

The rate of natural population growth is relatively high. In 2022, the performance of the students in the district remained poor. Healthcare suffers from a chronic shortage of doctors and hospital beds. The number of registered crimes against the person and property is among the lowest in the country, and their detection is among the highest. The amount of household waste generated in the district is low, but also, a relatively small proportion of municipal waste is handed over for treatment and recycling. Cultural life in the district is among the least active in the country.


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