Over the past few years GDP per capita in Kardzhali district has registered a steady increase. Salaries and incomes have also been rising fast, though at a rate lower than the national average and their levels are still far from the average ones in the country. In 2020 the labor market in the district again faced great difficulties. Economic activity remains the lowest in the country, employment is shrinking, and the workforce is among the least educated. FTA acquisition expenditures have increased considerably and are now already among the highest in the country, but production value remains low. A relatively limited proportion of the road surfaces is in good condition. The level of local taxes is low. The performance of the administration is poor.

Kardzhali district continues to attract considerably more population than the country on average. The share of urban population remains the lowest in the country. The number of teachers remains high. The results of the students in the district are extremely poor. Healthcare suffers from a chronic shortage of doctors and hospital beds. The performance of Kardzhali in the field of security and justice is among the best, and it is in this district that the number of registered crimes is the lowest in the country. A relatively small proportion of municipal waste is handed over for treatment and recycling, and access to public sewerage networks is severely limited. Cultural life in the district is among the least active in the country.

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