In the district of Kardzhali, GDP per capita and salaries have increased at a rate close to the national average, while remaining among the lowest in the country. The problematic low economic activity and employment have been determined to some extent by the exceptionally unfavorable educational structure of the population. Kardzhali is still the district with the lowest number of enterprises relative to the population. Infrastructure, too, has failed to make conditions in the district more favorable. Electronic government, cadastral coverage, and administrative transparency are the other indicators with very low rates of development.

Population ageing has continued in the district of Kardzhali but the age structure of the district’s population has remained more favorable than the national average level. For a third successive year, in 2017 the district’s performance at state matriculation exams was exceptionally poor. The administration of justice is characterized by relatively low workloads for judges and a relatively speedy process. Kardzhali is one of the districts with the least polluted air. Its relatively low level of urbanization explains the considerably smaller share of people with access to sewerage systems.

Kardzhali is the district with the least intensive cultural life.

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