GDP per capita in Plovdiv district is the seventh highest in the country. Household incomes are growing relatively fast. Employment rates remain relatively high and unemployment rates low. The number of enterprises, FTA expenditures and production value all equal the national average. Infrastructural development in the district has achieved very good ratings. As in most districts with better developed economy, the level of local taxation in Plovdiv district remained relatively high in 2020. The development of e-government and the provision of one-stop shop administrative services remain significantly lower than the national average.

Plovdiv is also one of the country’s seven districts that manage to attract population. In 2020 Plovdiv’s students again achieved good educational results. Plovdiv is among the districts with the largest relative number of doctors and hospital beds. The workloads of criminal judges in the district are high, but this does not impede the speedy delivery of justice. The number of crimes is relatively low and their detection rate is relatively high. The concentration of the population in urban areas is a prerequisite for a relatively high share of population with access to public sewerage networks. The number of visits to local theatres and museums remains relatively small.

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