In 2021, both the value and the growth rate of GDP in Targovishte district were relatively low. The share of the working-age population has been decreasing and moving away from the national average. A huge challenge for the labor market in the district is the deteriorating educational status of the workforce. Investment and production have recorded some growth. The local taxes levied by the district municipalities have sustained their relatively low levels. The AIP transparency rating of the local administrations has gone up and is now higher than the national average.

The district’s population is aging at a faster rate than in the country. The coverage of the education system in the district is the lowest on a national scale. The relative number of GPs has gone up but remains low. The workloads of the district’s criminal judges are among the lowest in the country and this affects the speed of delivery of justice. The share of forest areas is lower than nationally, but so is the share of degraded land. Cultural life in the district retains its low intensity and tourism is poorly represented.

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