The growth of GDP in the district is relatively high, but its volume remains relatively low. The poverty level is decreasing. Targovishte is the district with the poorest performance as regards the labor market indicators. There has been a contraction in investment and production. The quality of the road surfaces is among the best in the country. The levels of local taxes in the district remain relatively low. The self-assessment of the local administrations on e-government development has gone up and remains higher than the national average.

Natural population growth in the district is deteriorating and the number of people settling in the district is declining. The coverage of the education system is low and student results are poor. Access to GPs is difficult. Health insurance coverage is increasing but remains below average. Criminal judges in the district are among the least busy in the country and this affects the speed of delivery of justice. The share of the sewerage networks connected to a wastewater treatment plant is low. The intensity of cultural life in the district is increasing.

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