Stara Zagora

GDP per capita in the district has grown significantly and Stara Zagora now ranks second in this indicator. The performance of the local labor market is relatively good. The figures for investment and business activity place the district among the country’s leaders. The share of highways and first-class roads is relatively high. Unlike most districts with a high degree of economic development, Stara Zagora maintains relatively low local taxes. The self-assessments of local administrations on the provision of one-stop shop administrative services are the lowest in the whole country.

The natural population growth in Stara Zagora remains below the national average. Students’ results are close to the country’s average. Average life expectancy has declined, though relatively modestly, and for the first time is above the national average. Criminal judges in the district have relatively heavy workloads, but this does not have an adverse effect on the speed of delivery of justice. Stara Zagora’s low score in the environmental category is primarily due to the extremely high proportion of degraded land. Cultural life in the district is relatively active.

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