Stara Zagora

In 2015 GDP declined in the district (while it grew in the country) but kept its second place after the capital. Unemployment kept dropping to reach a level below the country average but the reason was mostly the population’s lower economic activity. FDI continued growing in the district. The district’s infrastructure got a high rating. The tax load is still relatively low. The development of eservices and one-stop shop services has made some progress though the administration’s transparency is rated below national average.

Population ageing in the district has followed the general tendency in the country. Though Stara Zagora is one of the three districts where the shortage of teachers is most acute matriculation exam results are close to average. Considered against the background of the numerous doctors and hospital beds, hospitalizations are relatively few. Administration of justice is characterized by high workloads for judges and speedy trial. Air pollution in the district has continued to affect the district’s environment rating. The intensity of cultural life is comparable with national average rates.

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