Montana is among Bulgaria’s districts that have the worst indicators for incomes and quality of life: a prerequisite for the high poverty levels among its population. The unfavorable trends in the local labor market place Montana last in the country in this category. The rise in economic activity in 2019 led to an increase in the unemployment rate. Investment activity in the district is relatively weak. Montana performs well in terms of the utilization of European funds. This is the region with the smallest share of highways and first-class roads in the country. The average municipal taxes for 2020 gave the district the top place in the ranking for the lowest taxation rates. The performance of the district administration has received relatively good ratings.

The continuing tendency towards population ageing in the whole of Bulgaria is particularly pronounced in Montana district. The natural growth rate continues to fall and is the second lowest in the country. The performance of Montana district as regards the indicators for education is relatively weak. Access to doctors in the area is relatively good. The number of beds in the local general hospitals also remains higher than the national average. The maintenance of public order and security is evaluated as poor. The district ranks well in terms of its environmental indicators. The share of household waste handed over for treatment and recycling remains high. In 2019, Montana remained the district with the least active cultural life in the country.

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