GDP, salaries and income in Montana were still considerably below average in 2016 while there were no positive tendencies on the labor market. During 2016 the district had the lowest economic activity in the country; as of the end of 2015 it held the last place in the country for attracting foreign investment relative to the population. The local municipalities’ average taxes and fees were also among the lowest in the country. Montana remained one of the districts with relatively low cadastral coverage.

Population ageing in Montana was considerably faster than elsewhere in the country. In 2017 students from the district once again got low grades in the matriculation exam in BLL: a decade-long tendency. The district is short of specialist doctors. Though court workloads are relatively low, justice administration is relatively slow. Montana is still among the districts with the lowest volume of generated household waste and among those with the cleanest air. The district is characterized by relatively low intensity of cultural life.

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