Montana is among the districts with relatively low incomes and quality of life. Trends in the labor market are unfavorable but there is a noticeable improvement in the educational structure of the workforce. Investment activity in the district is relatively low. The density of the road and rail networks remains lower than the national average. The average level of local taxes in the municipalities of the district is the lowest in the country. The share of own revenue in the total revenues of the municipalities of the district is very limited.

The continuing tendency towards population aging in the whole of Bulgaria remains particularly conspicuous in Montana district. Students’ results are low. Access to GPs is relatively good. The number of beds in the local general hospitals remains significantly higher than the national average. Delivery of justice in the district is the slowest in the country. The amount of household waste in the district is low, and its management is good. Cultural life and tourism in Montana district are among the least active in the country.

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