Although GDP as well as incomes and salaries in the district of Dobrich have kept growing, they have remained below national average figures. High employment and falling unemployment are due to the creation of new jobs. In comparison with the previous year investment activity is more intense, but is still catching up with national average figures. Despite the fact that there are resorts in the district the average real estate tax and the waste collection fee remain relatively low in it. The local administration is among the most transparent in the country; cadastral coverage is relatively high while the introduction of electronic government and one-stop shop services is making good progress.

Population ageing in Dobrich is going fast. The educational system is unable to include a great part of those subject to education though its quality is close to the national average. The shortage of specialist doctors and the relatively limited access to hospital beds entail a hospitalization rate two times smaller than the national average. Administration of justice is relatively fast in the district. The intensity of cultural life is relatively low.

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