GDP per capita in Dobrich district has continued to grow but its growth rate and volume has fallen below the respective national averages. The decrease in economic activity has been accompanied by a shrinkage of employment and a rise in unemployment. Investment activity remained relatively unfavorable in 2019. The utilization of European funds has continued to grow, but relative to the population in the district it remains lower than the national average. Dobrich is among the districts with the highest share of households with access to a gas supply. The level of local taxation in the municipalities remained relatively low in 2021. The rating of the local governments improved considerably in 2021, thus ranking Dobrich in the top place in the whole country.

The net migration rate has gone up and for the first time in almost 15 years it is positive. Dobrich remains the district with the lowest population density in the country. Its performance in terms of the education indicators is poor. Student examination scores in 2021 remained relatively low. The shortage of specialist physicians and hospital beds can probably explain the relatively low number of patients treated in the local general hospitals. The workloads of criminal judges remained relatively low in 2020, which affected the speed of delivery of justice. Dobrich is among the districts with the lowest levels of carbon dioxide pollution of the atmosphere. Notable of its cultural life in 2020 was again its low intensity.

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