GDP per capita in Dobrich district has continued to grow but its rate remains relatively low. The low educational status of the workforce continues to be a major challenge before the labor market. Investment in the district has been increasing but remains comparatively low, and production value is relatively limited. Dobrich is among the districts with the highest share of households with access to a gas supply. The level of local taxes in the local municipalities is relatively low. The indicators for the work of local government rank Dobrich among the top performers in the whole country.

The urban population and its density remain low. Its performance as regards the education indicators is poor. Student scores are relatively low. The shortage of specialist physicians and hospital beds can probably explain the relatively low number of patients treated in the local general hospitals. The number of registered crimes in the district continues to fall and remains lower than the national average, while detection rates are rising. The share of public sewerage networks connected to wastewater treatment plants remains high. Museum visits in the district have risen considerably.

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