Income and living standard in the district of Shumen kept increasing, though staying below national average. Shumen was one of the districts with the highest economic activity of the population but also with the highest unemployment. Investment activity in the district remained relatively low though infrastructural development was relatively good. The average rate of local taxes and fees was close to national average. A considerable part of local administrations retained a relatively poor transparency.

Indicators of the population’s age structure were relatively favorable. The numerous new teachers employed in the district raised the district of Shumen to the second place for the highest number of teachers relative to the number of students. Shumen was one of the districts with the acutest shortage of specialist doctors and the most limited hospital capacity. Judges’ workloads in the district have traditionally been below national average, which has contributed to speedier justice administration. Air pollution and generated waste remain considerably below the average in the country. Local museums and libraries keep attracting numerous visitors.

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