GDP, incomes and pensions in Shumen district are continuing to grow. Economic activity is traditionally high and has been increasing further. This increase has been accompanied by a rise in both employment and unemployment. Investment activity remains relatively slack. Shumen is among the best performing districts in the category assessing infrastructure. The municipalities in the district have kept local taxes relatively low. The self-assessments of the local administrations on the development of e-government and the provision of onestop shop services have gone up.

The natural population growth rate is less favorable than average, but the district has managed to attract new residents. Students’ results continue to be among the poorest in the country. Healthcare in the district suffers from a shortage of doctors and hospital beds. The workloads of the local criminal judges remain low and this has a favorable effect on the speed of delivery of justice. The number of crimes in the district is low and the detection rate is high. The share of degraded territory is limited. Tourism in the district also has a relatively limited presence.

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