The growth of incomes and salaries in Shumen district has continued, thus leading to a decrease in poverty levels. Employment is falling and unemployment is rising, with both indicators remaining less favorable than average. Investment activity in the district remains relatively slack. Shumen is the district with the highest share of first-class roads and highways in the country. The municipalities in the district have kept local taxes relatively low. The AIP active transparency rating of the local government bodies has gone up considerably.

Both the natural population growth and the net migration rate are decreasing. Students’ performance is still poor. Healthcare suffers from a shortage of doctors and hospital beds. The workloads of the local criminal judges remain low and this has a favorable effect on the speed of delivery of justice. The high assessment of Shumen district in the environment category is due mostly to the low volumes of household waste and its management. The number of visits to local cinemas and museums is increasing.

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