Veliko Tarnovo

GDP in Veliko Tarnovo district has been growing at a rate higher than the national average relative to the population. The workforce is among the most highly educated in the country, but population aging is a challenge for the labor market. Investment and business activity in Veliko Tarnovo district is unsatisfactory. The share of highways and first-class roads road is low. The average rates of the monitored local taxes in the district remain relatively high. The active transparency rating of the local administration is lagging behind.

The general trend towards population aging is particularly conspicuous in Veliko Tarnovo district. The indicators in the area of education give it a relatively good ranking. The number of university students relative to the population is among the highest in the country. The number of beds in the local general hospitals is still extremely low. Detection rates remain high but registered crimes have been on the rise. The district has performed quite well in the environment indicators. Veliko Tarnovo district’s cultural life is quite intensive.

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