Veliko Tarnovo

GDP per capita as well as the gross annual average salary in the district grew at rates close to the national average ones but their values stayed considerably lower. The reason for the relatively high employment and the low unemployment in the district can be sought in the relatively good educational structure of the population. The district has been lagging considerably behind national average figures in the indicators for entrepreneurship and investment. The average rates of local taxes and fees in the district’s municipalities place Veliko Tarnovo among the districts with the highest rates.

The district’s demographic picture has undergone serious deterioration. Indicators on the state of education have placed the district in the third position after the capital and the district of Smolyan. On the other hand, the state of healthcare in the district is among the worst. Veliko Tarnovo is one of the districts with the highest clearance crime rate, though the speedy administration of justice is below the national average. The wealth of historical heritage sites has placed Veliko Tarnovo among the districts with the richest cultural life.

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