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The publication „Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development” aims to provide objective and comprehensive information on the development of Bulgarian districts. Through the elaboration of seperate district profiles and regular thematic analyses, the publication presents the economic and social aspects of life in every district.

Income and living conditions
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More about the project

The „Regional Profiles: Indicators of Development” study is carried out by the Institute for Market Economics and our partners from Regiostat. The aim of the project is to provide a snapshot of the socio-economic condition of Bulgarian districts as of mid-2022, as well as their development since 2000.

The study seeks answer to the question what makes some districts more developed and prosperous in comparison to others.

The regional profiles were outlined on the basis of 68 indicators, describing the economic and social development of Bulgarian districts.

The profile of each district consists of an overview and commentary on the more notable results and trends in each of the twelve categories of indicators.

The study is intended for anyone who is interested in regional development. Our hope is to help provoke informed debates on local level, which would help improve local policies and serve to create incentives for competition between local authorities. 

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