Vidin is one of the districts with the lowest GDP per capita and the district with lowest salaries. These indicators predetermine the relatively high share of people living in material deprivation and those living in poverty – the poor make up almost half of its population. On the labor market the tendency for increasing employment in recent years was reversed in 2016, whereas unemployment rates remained almost twice the national average. Investment activity in the district also stayed relatively low, albeit with some improvement. The average rates of the monitored local taxes and fees in the district’s municipalities place Vidin among the districts with the lowest tax burden.

Vidin has confirmed its position as the district with the smallest number of inhabitants; it ranks second in the country in terms of rapidly ageing population. Education in the district has shown some positive tendencies. The shortage of GPs and specialist doctors and the limited availability of hospital beds entail a small number of hospitalizations. Clearance rates in the district are going up while the relatively low workloads of criminal judges facilitate a speedier administration of justice. Theaters and museums still attract a considerable number of visitors.

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