Vidin is among Bulgaria’s districts with the worst indicators for incomes and quality of life. Salaries and incomes have been rising too slowly, remaining far below the national averages. In 2019, as previously, the district also performed poorly as regards the indicators for the labor market, which faces the additional challenge of population ageing. Vidin is one of Bulgaria’s regions with the lowest FDI figures. Similar to other districts with low economic activity, the local municipalities keep tax rates relatively low. Vidin district also shows the worst results in the whole country in the Administration category.

The trend towards population ageing is more strongly pronounced in Vidin district than anywhere else in Bulgaria. The results in the matriculation exam in Bulgarian language and literature are essentially identical to the national averages. The proportion of GPs in the district is larger than the average one in the country; however, in 2019 there was again a serious shortage of specialist physicians and hospital beds. Crime rates are relatively high but detection is also high. Vidin is the district with the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in the whole of Bulgaria. There is not a single waste water treatment plant in the region. The main factor for the district’s good performance in the category of Culture is the large number of visits to the local museums.

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