Though the district’s GDP has been increasing, its growth has been considerably below national average. The increased activity of the working age population has led to simultaneous rising employment and falling unemployment. Investment activity in the district has been on the rise, generally, though staying below the average in the country. Road quality has continued deteriorating fast. Most local tax and fee rates have stayed below national average rates. The local administrations’ transparency rating remains higher than the national average.

During the last few years, population ageing has been faster and deeper in the district compared to the general national tendency – the main reason being the low rate of natural increase. Matriculation exam results of school leavers from the district have approached national average levels. Ruse is still one of the districts with the highest shortage of doctors. Justice administration in the district is characterized by relatively low workloads for judges and high shares of cases closed within 3 months. The district is also characterized by high connectivity to wastewater treatment plants. Cultural life has been relatively intensive.

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