GDP per capita in Ruse district has been falling, and so the district is increasingly lagging behind the national average. Both employment and unemployment figures remain more favorable than the average ones in the country. Production value per capita in the district has shrunk slightly, but it remains relatively high. Ruse is the district with the highest railway network density in the country. The average level of the tax rates levied by the municipalities in Ruse district is close to the national average. The local authorities’ self-assessment on the provision of one-stop-shop administrative services achieved high scores.

The age dependency ratios in the district have improved slightly but remain above the country’s average. Student performance in the district is close to the average one in the country. The healthcare system continues to suffer from a shortage of doctors. The workloads of the local criminal judges are among the heaviest in the country but this does not have a negative effect on the speed of delivery of justice. The share of household waste handed over for treatment and recycling remains extremely low. Ruse is among the districts whose cultural life shows high intensity.

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