GDP, salaries, and incomes in Smolyan district continue to rise. The poverty level is about average. Employment and unemployment are falling, with both indicators remaining relatively unfavorable. The number of enterprises, the volume of production, domestic, and foreign investment are all shrinking. There are no railways, highways, and first-class roads in the district. Smolyan is among the districts with relatively low local taxes. The transparency rating of local self-government bodies is decreasing and remains below average.

The population of the district is among the fastest ageing in the country. Smolyan continues to rank among the leaders in the education category. The shares of repeaters and dropouts from primary and secondary education are low. The share of people with health insurance is high. Smolyan is the district with the lowest workload of the local judges and with the smallest number of registered crimes. The district also ranks first with the highest share of forest areas and the lowest share of degraded land. The intensity of its cultural life is gradually increasing, but it nevertheless remains weak.

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