Sliven was the district with the lowest GDP per capita in 2015. Incomes shrank in the district once again in 2016. Increased economic activity in it was accompanied by a stable increase in employment and shrinking unemployment, though both indicators failed to reach national average levels.

Sliven continues to be the district with the lowest investment activity. In 2016 the district once again had the highest share of road surfaces in good condition. On the whole, the average tax load in the district was comparable to the rest of the country. The development of administrative services is likely to lose its better ranking from the previous period.

Sliven remains one of the districts with the most favorable population age structure but also with the worst education profile in the whole country. Administration of justice in the district can be characterized as fast and crime clearance rates are high. Sliven is still one of the districts with relatively low air pollution and small amounts of generated waste. Cultural life in the district is not particularly visits.

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