Blagoevgrad district’s economy has been developing very well. GDP has been growing faster than the country’s average, though it is yet to reach that level. Incomes have exceeded national averages and in 2018 labor market trends remained favorable. Blagoevgrad is among the districts with the highest economic activity, employment continues to be high and unemployment low. Investment activity has improved slightly but is still far below the average level of the country as a whole. The quality of the road infrastructure has improved. Local taxes and fees remain lower than the national averages. In 2020 the assessment of the functioning of the local e-administration and the provision of one-stop shop services in the district’s municipalities continued to improve and once again reached levels slightly above the average ones of the country as a whole.

Blagoevgrad district has performed relatively well in terms of demographic indicators. The share of repeaters and dropouts from primary and secondary education is considerably below the national average. Grades in both matriculation and external evaluation exams come close to the country’s average. At the same time, healthcare in the district suffers from shortages of medical staff. The crime rate remains relatively low and detection high. Blagoevgrad district still ranks high as regards air quality. Cultural life, however, has shown no considerable progress and remains poorly developed.

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