The economic development of Blagoevgrad district is very good. In 2019 GDP per capita continued its growth, although it remained significantly lower than the national average. Salaries and income levels have also been rising. Economic activity remains relatively high, but in 2020 employment rates fell and unemployment rates rose. The number of non-financial enterprises relative to the population has continued to rise and remains the third highest in the country. Blagoevgrad is among the districts with the best road surface quality. Contrary to general nationwide trends, the district is relatively well developed economically, and in 2021 the level of local taxes again remained quite low.

Blagoevgrad has performed relatively well in terms of demographic indicators and is one of the districts with the highest rate of enrolment in 5th–8th grade. Healthcare suffers from a shortage of doctors – both GPs and specialist physicians – and of hospital beds. The crime rate remains relatively low and detection rates relatively high. Blagoevgrad still ranks among the districts with the lowest volumes of CO2 emissions. The intensity of the cultural life is traditionally not very high compared to that of other districts, and in 2020 it shrank even further due to the pandemic and the reduced number of visits to public places.

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