GDP per capita in Blagoevgrad district continues to grow relatively fast. At the same time, the growth rates of salaries and pensions are close to the respective national averages. In 2022, employment declined and unemployment went up. Blagoevgrad is among the districts with the best quality of road surfaces. Contrary to general trends, Blagoevgrad district’s economy is relatively well developed and in 2023 the level of local taxes again remained low. In 2022, the share of own revenues of the district’s municipalities again remained extremely low.

Blagoevgrad is among the districts with relatively good results in terms of demographic development. The share of children in kindergartens is high. Students’ results for 2023 are below the national average. Healthcare in the district suffers from a shortage of doctors and hospital beds. Crime rates in the district are low and detection rates relatively high, but the delivery of justice remains sluggish. The share of forest area is high. The intensity of cultural life in Blagoevgrad district is traditionally not very high, but tourism is well developed.

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