GDP in the district of Yambol remained considerably below the national average level. On the other hand, the variance between incomes and salaries in Yambol and the national average levels increased because of their slower growth in the district. Economic activity in the labor market was relatively high, though unemployment remained above average for the country. Investment stayed low in the district but the local administration has performed well in EU fund utilization. Road surface quality in the district has been considerably higher than the national average.

Population ageing has been more visible in the district than in the country. In 2015, Yambol was the district with the greatest drop in population enrollment in 5th–8th grade, while in 2016 Yambol was for the second year in succession the district with the highest share of poor grades at the matriculation exams in Bulgarian language and literature. Healthcare in the district has suffered from both a lack of doctors and a relatively small number of hospital beds. The small number of crimes entailed low workloads of judges in the district and relatively speedy processing of cases, while clearance crime rate was high. 

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