GDP, incomes, and salaries in the district of Dobrich are still lagging behind the national average figures. The labor market is recovering slowly despite the initial low levels, and the educational structure of the workforce has deteriorated considerably. This situation is related both to the business activity in the district and the decline of foreign investment in 2014. The district is among the leaders in the category measuring administration efficiency. Electronic government and one-stop shop services are relatively well developed, the administration is relatively transparent, and a large part of the territory is covered by cadastral maps.

The low rate of natural growth and the growing migration of the population are not favorable for the district’s demographic picture. Dobrich has the highest share of high school dropouts and repeaters compared to the national average number, while school leavers get high grades at state matriculation exams. Healthcare continues to suffer from a shortage of specialist doctors and hospital beds. Criminal judges in the district are not overloaded, which contributes to the relatively speedy closing of cases.

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