During the last two years GDP growth in the district of Silistra has been above national average levels, although, in 2014, again, GDP value in the district remained almost twice lower than the national average. The relatively poor economic development of the district is related to its limited business activities and low domestic and foreign investment. Household incomes and salary levels in the district have also been among the lowest in the country: in 2015, Silistra remained the single district where employment was below 50% and unemployment was over 20%. In 2016, local taxes and fees in the municipalities of Silistra remained below national average.

Silistra is one of the districts with the lowest share of urban population. The negative natural growth rate has been exacerbating in the last two years and the negative demographic processes can be expected to go deeper. Education and healthcare in the district suffer from significant weaknesses. In 2016, the district’s school leavers got the lowest grades in the country at the state matriculation exams in Bulgarian language and literature. The shortage of doctors in the district has become chronical. Silistra is one of the districts with the smallest number of registered crimes and the highest clearance crime rate. 

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