In 2015, the labor market of the district of Vratsa remained in deep crisis, with unemployment rate being the fourth highest nationwide and employment rate being the second lowest in the country. This had a negative effect on incomes and living conditions, still low in the district. The district achieved a relatively high rate of utilization of EU funds but the outflow of foreign investment has continued. Infrastructure is not well developed: only 15% of the roads in the district are in good condition. Administrative services are relatively good but local taxes and fees are gradually rising.

Vratsa is among the districts with most rapidly declining population. The greater number of indicators for the state of the educational system and healthcare are close to national average figures. Despite the relatively high crime rate, the clearance rate is high and the work of the district’s court is relatively speedy. Vratsa is lagging behind in public sewerage system development and in WWTP construction. Cultural life is characterized by a low intensity.

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