Living conditions in the district of Pleven are better than they are nationally due to the relatively high incomes and the gradual recovery of the labor market. Investment activity is higher than it was in the pre-crisis period, though still below the national average levels. Utilization of EU funds is relatively good, though the levels of local taxes and fees remain among the highest in the country and administrative development is lagging behind. 

The demographic picture in the district is more favorable than in other districts in the North-west of Bulgaria though here, too, negative demographic tendencies are clearly expressed. The state of education remains unsatisfactory, and has even been deteriorating according to some key indicators such as students’ performance at matriculation exams. The district has kept its leading position in healthcare, and the environment indicators are similar to those in the rest of the country. Administration of justice in the district is relatively speedy but the average crime rate is higher than the national one, while the clearance crime rate dropped in 2015. Cultural life has gained in intensity, though it is still lagging behind the national average levels. 

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