The district of Varna ranks third in the country, after the capital and Stara Zagora in welfare measured via GDP per capita in 2014. Household incomes also stayed above average in 2015 but salaries remained low. The labor market in the district improved considerably in 2015. Investment activity stayed relatively high but utilization of EU funds by municipal administrations in the district was below the national average. Varna is a significant transport hub.

The demographic picture in the district of Varna continues to be more favorable than elsewhere in the country. The share of children attending junior high schools is still relatively low and the share of dropouts is larger than the national. High school graduates perform better at matriculation exams, and Varna occupies one of the first places in the country in number of people with higher education relative to the population. Administration of justice in the district is also given a relatively positive evaluation but the registered crimes remain above the country average number, while clearance crime rate is relatively low. Varna ranks second in the number of visits to cinemas after the capital.

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