After a drop in Shumen’s GDP in 2009, the latter started growing again, but in 2014 GDP per capita in the district remained considerably below the national average level. That was related to a considerable extent to the lag in foreign and domestic investment in the district, despite the relatively good utilization of EU funds. Shumen also remained among the districts with the highest unemployment rates, relatively high economic activity, low employment rates, and unfavorable educational structure of the workforce. Shuman is the district with the highest share of motorways and first class roads.

Though the population is ageing in the country as a whole, the demographic picture in Shumen district remains relatively better. Low results at the matriculation exams in Bulgarian language and literature remain a problem in education, and the shortage of doctors remains a problem in healthcare. On the other hand, Shumen has positive ratings for security and justice due to the relatively small number of registered crimes, their high clearance rate, and the speedy closure of criminal cases. Shumen is among the districts with the highest number of visits to museums and libraries relative to the population.

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