Haskovo has remained among the less developed districts in the country. In 2015, the positive trends in the labor market were retained: employment rose and unemployment fell considerably. Salaries, however, have remained among the lowest in the country. Local investment increased, though Haskovo continued to suffer from a lack of foreign capital. EU fund utilization intensified, including the district center. Administrative services improved but there were still challenges with regard to transparency and integrity ratings of local administrations.

Demographic tendencies in the district of Haskovo continued to be determined by the strongly negative natural increase of the population. The share of children enrolled in the school system dropped and results at matriculation exams got worse in 2016. The share of health-insured people rose. The district was relatively safe compared to the rest of the country, while the work of law enforcement was relatively speedy and efficient. Cultural activities grew more popular, and visits to the cinemas, theaters, and museums increased in 2015. 

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