Sofia (capital)

Sofia (capital city) is the district with the highest incomes and the best living conditions. Its labor market is characterized by high employment and low unemployment, and almost half the working age population has higher education. Investment activity in the capital is considerably above the national average level, though it has remained below pre-crisis levels. Infrastructural development is very good, and the administration has received one of the highest ratings for transparency in the country. Local taxes and fees remain high, yet the taxing environment is stable and does not change often.

Though demographically the district is in the best condition among all districts, the nationwide negative tendencies are also valid for the capital. The educational system is very well developed, both in terms of secondary and higher education. Some of the leading healthcare institutions are located in the capital. Crime rates are high and clearance crime rates are low, while the justice system has been slow in spite of the declining workloads of criminal judges. The environment is in a relatively good condition though air pollution is quite high. Sofia remains the most significant cultural center in the country.

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