Gabrovo ranks second in Bulgaria in both economic and social development after Sofia (capital city). The district ranks fifth in GDP per capita, incomes in the district are higher than the national average, and salaries have been rising at a stable rate. For the fifth consecutive year, the municipalities in the district have utilized the greatest amount of EU funds per capita in comparison with all other districts. Gabrovo is one of the districts where electronic government and administrative onestop shop services are relatively well developed, and municipal administrations are rated relatively high for transparency.

The demographic situation in the district is rapidly deteriorating. Education and healthcare indicators show an overall good condition of these sectors in the district. Judges have relatively low workloads, which contributes to speedy justice administration. The rate of solved crimes is higher than the national average. Visits to cinemas, theatres, museums, and libraries place Gabrovo second in the country in terms of cultural life intensity – immediately after the capital.

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