Veliko Tarnovo

Incomes in Veliko Tarnovo continue to lag behind national average levels. The district’s labour market, however, has been quite buoyant in the last two years. What is more, in 2015 it was precisely Veliko Tarnovo that showed the most noticeable rise in employment in the country in comparison with the pre-crisis levels of 2008. Investment, though far beneath average levels, showed an upward tendency in recent years. In 2015, the district surpassed the national average results in electronic government and development of one-stop shop services.

Social development in the district of Veliko Tarnovo is estimated as relatively good. On one hand, demographic processes are still deteriorating and remain considerably less favorable than those in the country as a whole. Healthcare is characterized by a shortage of physicians. The district has achieved relatively high results in education, mostly because of the nationwide significance of the University of Veliko Tarnovo. The district is still a popular destination in cultural and historical tourism. Crime in the district is below the national average, and crime clearance rates are above it.

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