GDP per capita in the district of Targovishte grew by 10% in 2015, overtaking the average growth in the country. Incomes and salaries grew as well, which led to higher living standards in the district. The district’s labor market suffered from the unfavorable educational structure of the population, though economic activity and employment increased in 2016. A considerable increase was registered in FTA investment in 2015. The local administrations’ transparency rating was above the national average.

The relatively low natural increase and the high rate of outmigration continued to worsen the demographic picture in the district. The educational system has serious problems with keeping children in school as well as low matriculation exam grades. Targovishte is one of the districts with the acutest shortage of doctors. The court in Targovishte district has the lowest workloads in the country which positively affects the speed of justice administration. Targovishte is also among the districts with the fewest registered crimes and the highest clearance rate.

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