Vidin is one of the economically least developed districts in the country. Despite the positive change in the labor market in the previous year, salaries and living standards have stayed low. High EU fund utilization rate fails to compensate for the scanty private investment; what is more, suspicions of embezzlement have arisen around one of the main projects. Low rates of local taxes and fees are not enough to create a good business environment, while the unsatisfactory infrastructure and the lagging development of administrative services work against it.

Vidin is the district with the most clearly expressed negative demographic tendencies in Bulgaria and the only one whose average annual population is already below 100,000 people. The quality of school education is relatively good but the share of dropouts is increasing and the coverage of the educational system is shrinking. There are enough general practitioners in the district, though somewhat insufficient number of specialists. The justice system is relatively efficient but the crime rate rose slightly in the previous year. Vidin remained the single district in the country without a wastewater treatment plant in 2016. Culture activities have gradually become more intensive.

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